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Original Table of Contents of the Sixteenth Volume.
  1. The Gory Tale of Hannah Bull (How She Became a Cannibal)
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She raised her head. Her blurred vision swam from triple, to double, to clear focus. But she was quite sure she believed what she was seeing: an old man, in a shining white robe, playing a bamboo flute. He was seated on the roots of the cherry tree, which appeared to be in full bloom, the masses of blossoms shining pale pink in the moonlight. But it must be true—clearly Sam was seeing it, too. She let the stone in her hand fall to the ground with a soft tunk.

As they both watched, the old man abruptly broke off his playing. He looked very unhappy—angry, even. The spirit woman was frozen in a half-crouch a few feet from Ayako and Sam. Her head jerked from side to side in puzzlement, reminding Ayako of a dog given two conflicting commands. She took a tentative step forward, but stopped when the old man gestured angrily with his flute.

A warm cherry-scented wind began to blow toward the woman from behind Ayako and Sam. Abruptly, with the power of a gale, it picked up the woman, spun her around, and hurtled her through the now-windowless opening back into the darkened interior of the tea house.

The Gory Tale of Hannah Bull (How She Became a Cannibal)

The old man raised the flute to his lips and resumed his soft playing. He began to melt like mist into the air; in a moment, his music had faded, too. Nothing stirred in the empty window. And the ghost had to have been his wife. And he was some kind of echo of his one-time love for this place. Maybe those are things that have no place in the next life. But hate and love are such different kinds of energy, I guess they cancel each other out.

Then she smiled. Seeing Sam go rigid with tension, she knew she had heard it, too. Together, they turned and looked back at the tea house. To their dismay, they saw a clutching hand, the fingers twisted like a knot of pale worms at the end of a skeletal arm, reach shakily over the windowsill from the darkness inside. Renewed fear hardened to a lump of ice in the pit of her stomach. A second clutching hand gripped the sill.

As if this was a signal, the two spun around and fled, hand-in-hand. Unhesitatingly, Ayako kicked out the rotting gate, no longer caring who or what had heard. The park was unnaturally quiet around them. They ran faster, nearly losing their balance in their haste. To their mutual relief, a few moments later a bus came lumbering along.

With nervous glances at the shadowed park, they clambered aboard, flashing their passes at the driver. They were still laughing when they took their seats.

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Must be nice to not have any real worries. It was the last day of the school year.

#1329 - Brian Moses

Jackie was a fourth grader. The students in her class were to write a letter to themselves and give it to their teacher, who would mail it to them when they graduate from high school.

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Jackie finished writing his letter. She got up to turn it in to her teacher. Then, she got an idea.

She sat down on her desk and started writing something at the end. Then, Jackie turned the letter in. Then, the bell rang. It was time for P. When the class went outside, the P. E teacher, Mr.

Johnson, announced that the class would be playing basketball. Jackie was very happy. Jackie turned to her right and saw her mom standing there. Then, Jackie was hit in the head with a ball before she passed out. Jackie woke up and found herself in her bedroom, in bed with her laptop in front of her. Jackie was reading emails from a Hangouts chat with her mom.

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Suddenly, Jackie felt pain on her head as she passed out. Jackie lied down on the bed. At home, Jackie was on her bed. She turned her laptop on and opened Gmail. She saw that she had a Hangouts message from her mom. Jackie replied to the message.

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Then, a reply came. As she read this, Jackie felt her heart sink. She messaged her mother again. Jackie felt pain in her head as she collapsed on the floor. Then, she saw a blur, then darkness. She screamed at the sight. She got her phone and called The ambulance came and took Jackie to the hospital.

Three days later, she was pronounced dead. She had died from her head injury. She got her phone to call some relatives and break the bad news to them. She had emails from Jackie that was in a Hangouts chat. She ignored the messages and started calling her relatives. She and her husband had a 7-year old daughter, who they named Jackie, after their late daughter. Jackie went outside to get the mail. It was addressed to Jackie Williams. Jackie opened the envelope. Inside was a letter that had been written on June 15, Jackie went inside and showed the letter to her mom and dad.

Her mom and dad looked at each other. They knew that they had to tell Jackie.

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  5. And they did. They told Jackie about her dead sister who had died from a head injury the day that she wrote the letter for her year old self. Jackie was surprised. She read the letter to her parents. After reading the letter, Jackie remembered that there was a real time machine in the garage. These words came out of the loudspeaker. The voice was mysterious and deep. Jamie just sat there in shock and confusion. Jamie heard mysterious laughter coming from outside.

    This laughter sounded like it was coming from the person who said those words on the loudspeaker. Suddenly, loud banging on the door started. Jamie was scared of what would happen if the guy behind got inside. Jamie heard a gunshot. Then, the door fell down, and a man with a gray hoodie and a gun came inside the classroom.