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It was later published as a book in Its central theme is the allegation that the Catholic Church is a veiled continuation of the ancient pagan religion of Babylon, the veiled paganism being the product of a millennia old conspiracy. It has been recognized by scholars as discredited and has been called a "tribute to historical inaccuracy and know- nothing religious bigotry" with "shoddy scholarship, blatant dishonesty" and a "nonsensical thesis.

Many of these deal with the Antichrist Arabic: Masih ad-Dajjal. The Antichrist, also known as The Beast , is supposed to be a leader who will create a world empire and oppress Christians and in some conspiracies, Jews as well. Donald Trump is the basis for the latest conspiracy theories.

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At times, apocalyptic speculation has mixed with anti-Catholicism, believing that the reigning Pope is the Antichrist or the False Prophet. Another interpretation sees the Antichrist as a world leader involved with the United Nations, who will create a one world government New World Order and establish a single monetary system. The latter is identified with the Mark of the Beast, which some believe that people in the end times will need to possess in order to conduct trade.

Anti-Catholic conspiracy theories in majority Protestant countries have since the Reformation, especially Great Britain, The United States, Australia, Canada, and countries in Northwestern Europe have opposed the Pope, Roman Catholic rituals, and general "popery" a major political theme, often rallying behind anti-Catholic sentiment by inflaming fears of alleged Catholic conspiracy plots.

Anti-Catholicism and fear of Catholic conspiracies were also a major issue during the presidential campaign of , in which the Irish Catholic New York state governor Al- Smith, the first major-party Roman Catholic candidate in a presidential election, ran against the Protestant Herbert Hoover. Smith's opponents created the phrase "Rum and Romanism" in reference to Smith's campaign, as Smith was not only Catholic but, like many Catholic Americans at the time, was against the mostly Protestant Teetotaler Prohibition movement.

The so-called "Catholic Question," in which Protestant Americans were concerned about Catholic American loyalty to the Pope rather than the United States, once again rose to the forefront in the campaign of John F. Prominent Protestant ministers, such as Billy Graham, distrusted Kennedy, believing Kennedy to be a potential agent of the Catholic Church, and tried to derail his campaign.

The more extreme, paranoid anti-Catholic Protestants employed old anti-Catholic conspiracy theories in response to Kennedy's candidacy and subsequent presidential administration, claiming that Kennedy, as the first Roman Catholic president of the United States, was a pawn of the Catholic Church. Schlesinger, Sr. Describing American prejudice against the Catholics as "the deepest bias in the history of the American people. Two major types of anti-Catholic rhetoric existed in colonial society: The first, derived from the heritage of the Protestant Reformation, consisted of the "Anti-Christ" and the "Whore of Babylon" variety, claiming the Catholic Church to be these evil entities predicted in the Book of Revelation.

The second was a more secular variety which focused on the supposed intrigue of the Catholic intent on extending medieval despotism worldwide. Anti-Catholic fears in the U. Yallop enlarges on claims of priestly sexual abuse and repeats the other standard anti-Catholic clap-trap listed above together with a new one that St Maximilian Kolbe, the Polish priest who died in place of a young married man at Auschwitz, had previously endorsed the anti- Jewish Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

There is no reference for this claim and just thirteen footnotes in the entire pages. Avro Manhattan's works form part of the basis of a series of tracts by the noted modern anti-Catholic and comic book evangelist Jack Chick who also accuses the papacy of supporting Communism, of using the Jesuits to incite revolutions, and of masterminding the Holocaust. Chick claims that the Catholic Church infiltrates and attempts to destroy or corrupt all other religions and churches, and that it uses various means including seduction, framing, and murder to silence its critics.

Drawing on the ideas of Alberto Rivera, Chick also claims that the Catholic Church helped mold Islam as a tool to lure people away from Christianity in what he calls the Vatican Islam Conspiracy. During the Troubles in Ireland, anti-Catholic conspiracy theories and anti-Catholicism in general were frequent among Ulster Scot loyalists and Northern Irish unionists, though generally from a more secular standpoint.

The Riddle of the Romanovs - Royal murder mysteries

Bible conspiracy theory: Bible conspiracy theories suggest that much of what is known about the Bible, in particular the New Testament, is a deception. Many of these theories are propagated by atheists and former Christians. In the Gospel of Philip, Mary Magdalene, who is referred to as Jesus' koinonos, a Greek term for "companion" or "partner," is depicted as being closer to Jesus than any other apostle.

These theories variously claim that Jesus had a wife, Mary Magdalene, and children, that a group such as the Priory of Sion has secret information about the bloodline of Jesus, that Jesus did not die on the cross and that the carbon dating of the Shroud of Turin was part of a conspiracy by the Vatican to suppress this knowledge, that there was a secret movement to censor books that belonged in the Bible, or the Christ myth theory, proposed for example in Zeitgeist, the Movie as a means of social control by the Roman Empire. A fictionalized contrivance of this is portrayed in the novel The davinci Code.

Associated with this belief is the conspiracy of the Antichrist, who is to lead the New World Order against Christ. This same theory also proposes that current events, such as global changes resulting from global warming, are fulfillment of Bible prophecies and signs of the Tribulation and the end of days. Rivera also alleged that the Vatican staged an apparition at Fatima named after Muhammed's daughter to cozy up to Muslims.

He further claimed that the Catholic Church staged the Pope John Paul II assassination attempt using a Muslim as the marksman "to guilt-induce the Muslim world, bringing them still closer to the Catholic faith..

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Rivera also believed that Jesuits are responsible for the creation of Communism and Nazism, and are the cause of both World Wars, the Jonestown Massacre, and the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy; that the Catholic Church wants to spread homosexuality and abortion; that the Charismatic Movement is a front for the Catholic Church; that the popes are Anti-Christs; and that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon.

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He has also claimed that the Jesuits were the masterminds behind the Medieval Inquisition in the 13th century, even though the Jesuits were in fact founded in Although extensively footnoted, giving the impression of reliability, commentators, in particular Ralph Woodrow,10 have stated that there are numerous misconceptions, fabrications, and grave factual errors in the document, and that this book follows the line of thought of works like: Martin Luther: on the Babylonian Captivity of the Church , Titus Oates: An Exact Discovery of the Mystery of Iniquity as it is now in Practice amongst the Jesuits , and Conyers Middleton: Letter from Rome Although scholarship has shown the picture presented by Alexander Hislop11 to be absurd and based on an exceedingly poor understanding of historical Babylon and its religion, his book remains popular among some fundamentalist Christians.

The book's thesis has also featured prominently in the conspiracy theories of groups such as The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord and other conspiracy theorists. In an exchange between Peter and Mary, he admits to her that "the Savior loved you above all other women" a tense moment in the scripture that seems to portray the jealousy that the other apostles might have felt for Mary's relationship with Jesus.

The only other evidence used to support the theory is a mention of Jesus kissing Mary often, but some say kissing was the custom and it was typical of Jesus to practice it with those close to him. For example, Judas kissed Jesus in the garden to betray him to the Pharisees. As the basis for the plot of the Da Vinci code, the idea that Jesus wed Mary and now has a physical bloodline made for a good performance at the box office. The theory itself, however, is loosely based on excerpts taken from the Gnostic Gospels whose authenticity is still being disputed. Most of the enemies are protestants.

The most recent example of this is found in the book "The Mormon Conspiracy" by Charles 10 Ralph Woodrow is an Evangelical Christian minister, speaker and presently the author of sixteen books. Woodrow formerly supported the thesis of 19th century Presbyterian churchman, Alexander Hislop, that Roman Catholicism is a syncretistic pagan religion in his book Babylon Mystery Religion and gained a certain notoriety when he changed his view and pulled the work from circulation. His new viewpoint is documented in The Babylon Connection?

Woodrow has been in the ministry since the age of 18, where he has remained for over fifty years. Wood,12 which attempts to show how the Latter-Day Saints Church LDS is organized to restrict individual freedoms, individual thought, independence and democracy. First of all, his credentials are that he is a Navy veteran and a phd in education. Neither credential makes him an authority on Mormonism so whatever he says must be taken with a grain of salt.

The book "The Mormon Conspiracy" alleges how the Mormon church leaders are involved in a nefarious conspiracy to control the United States government and eventually the world by establishing its "Kingdom of God" on earth. Members believe that Church Authorities fourteen apostles in addition to the president of the church are also infallible. Therefore, these fifteen Authorities have control of the Mormon Church.

There is no democracy in the decision making of the church, since all appointments from the highest to the lowest offices in the church are made under the umbrella of the church president. The hilarious book, The Mormon Conspiracy, shows that if the Mormon Church were to gain control of the United States there would be no secret ballot election of congressional representatives, state legislators, or local governmental officials. All of these officials would be appointed by the President of the Mormon Church, with assistance from other church officials.

I read excerpts of the book. It resembles some of the travelogues by early explorers who tried to describe cultures, lands and people they never understood nor had any intention of understanding. Wood does the same thing. He describes the rug from the backside where he offers the vague design but misses out on the full beauty and details.

The Titanic Mystery Files: The Case of Loraine Allison/Helen Loriane Kramer

Wood merely shows his own ignorance about the Mormons. This conspiracy theory attempts to gain momentum when concerns are addressed about the Mormon church members. The book contends The Mormon church members are controlled by an authoritarian organization much like the Monarchies that prevailed in European countries such as France and England before the French Revolution and before democracy was established in England.

The Mormon church requires strict religious obedience from members and teaches them that individuals need not think for themselves concerning church doctrine as taught by the Church Authorities, a form of mind control. This is evident even in areas of non-church affairs, such as politics and economics where the church hierarchy expects members to follow its directions.

This allegation is laughable. Here Mr. Wood is wrong, embarrassingly wrong. The Mormon Church teaches us to think for ourselves. We watch the news for current events. We engage in trends in music, clothes, and other current inclinations. Wood, a Navy veteran, received his Ph. He has traveled throughout the world and lived for several years in France and Germany. He authored two books on Education and over thirty articles in national journals prior to writing "The Mormon Conspiracy.

Lilburn W. Boggs of Missouri who issued an extermination order, Missouri Executive Order 44, against the Mormons in October 27, Wood and others like him attempt to expose the church with just enough knowledge to be dangerous to themselves and others. The accusations they make against Mormons could easily be made against any of the Protestant churches.

They persecuted each other during the reformation. Even when they came to America they continued their persecution of each other. It seems that they are the Christian version of jihadists for Christ. Muslims, Protestant Christians, and Atheists have caused more death and destruction than even the Catholics.

What is it about each of their names, buildings, doctrines, and policies that one can reasonably say that church is a Christian church? Wood goes on to list all the ways the Mormons control state and local and the federal government. When Mitt Romney ran for president there were just as many lies about him and the Mormons from conservatives as from the liberal democrats. Many non-Mormons in Utah like to talk about the telephone line between the state capital and church offices.

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As I mentioned earlier, first there is no more mind control over members from the church then there is mind control over conservatives in the republican party. Yes, there are Mormons in state and local government. I overheard a couple of guys talking about the influence of religion on government.

When many former communist nations overthrew communism, all the leftist socialist countries in Europe, and fascist countries in the Middle East and South America, over threw their socialist and fascist slave masters, are their nations any better off because they got rid of religion from their governments? Again, Joseph Smith taught that he teaches the members correct principles and they govern themselves.

Therefore, members who serve in government are a reflection of their personal beliefs. There are Mormon at all stages of dedication. Some are Mormons in name only. Other are dedicated in every aspect of the religion. Then there are those who fit on every point in between. Some Mormons lose faith in the leaders or members and leave the church entirely. No one forces them to stay in the church. If someone has a problem with doctrine, policies or procedures they are free to leave.