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  1. 26 Expert Weight-Loss Tips
  2. A radical exercise regime is the only way to lose weight
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This is expected to climb to million by Type 2 diabetes is usually treated with medication and in some cases, bariatric surgery to restrict stomach capacity, which has also been shown to reverse the disease. Bariatric surgery can achieve remission of diabetes in about three-quarters of people, but it is more expensive and risky, and is only available to a small number of patients. The trial results, published in the Lancet and presented at the International Diabetes Federation Congress in Abu Dhabi, show that after one year, participants had lost an average of 10kg, and nearly half had reverted to a non-diabetic state.

There were adults on the trial aged 20—65, who had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes within the last six years, from 49 primary care practices in Scotland and Tyneside. Half of the practices put their patients on the very low calorie diet, while the rest were a control group, in which patients received usual care. The diet was a formula of — calories per day for 3 to 5 months, followed by the stepped reintroduction of food over two to eight weeks. The participants were all given support throughout, including cognitive behaviour therapy and were encouraged to exercise.

All our Manchester clients, male and female have deeply personal, sometimes complex and often very emotional reasons for being unhappy with their current body weight or shape. Most often feeling too busy or stressed with work and family commitments or even a little bit of laziness or lack of knowledge trap us in an unhealthy self-perpetuating cycle and we feel tired and sluggish, our sleep suffers, we binge or comfort eat or rely on unhealthy convenience options too often and it affects both our body and mind.

This all affects our confidence, self-esteem and especially our relationships.

26 Expert Weight-Loss Tips

For some of our clients their motivation is less dramatic but no less meaningful, they want to look great in their wedding dress with all their friends and family around them, or more toned on the beach with their partner so they feel better about themselves or their work demands they are in shape for Catwalk or Screen. At UP Manchester this is created during your first session using a questionnaire, which asks all we need to know about your diet history and lifestyle in order to put the perfect plan in place.

We then take your body composition stats and ask about your goals, then combine all this together to create the ultimate fat loss plan unique to you. Unlike a lot of fad diets that take away entire food groups or drinking shakes to severely limit calories this plan has been made to fit your lifestyle not just for now, but for the long term.

This means that once you have got into the shape of your life, you can then maintain that shape year round.


Once this plan is in place we will then monitor your progression via daily emails and constant feedback from you, making small changes to the plan along the way as and when needed. This daily monitoring of your nutritional habits and progression is how we ensure the best result possible over a 12 week period.

A radical exercise regime is the only way to lose weight

Your diet plan will cover everything you need but we've found over the years that most clients can benefit from a small amount of supplements. After our assessment and on an ongoing basis if we spot an issue or deficiency not easily or conveniently corrected with food we can recommend the best available supplement products to you.

The Best Science-Based Diet for Fat Loss (ALL MEALS SHOWN!)

One of the best ways to monitor your progress and see the changes you are making to your body, is to take weekly photographs. This can seem nerve wrecking at first, standing in front of a complete stranger whilst they point a camera at you. These subtle changes help the trainer to make sure you are moving in the right direction; after the 12 week plan once you see the pictures the changes will no longer be subtle but dramatic.

All of the pictures are confidential, between client and trainer for the benefit of judging progress but many clients when they are happy with their results want to show them off. The images you see here represent those clients who want to act as inspiration for others and are happy to share.

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Many of our clients don't want to be shown, and we respect that. We are also able to arrange professional gym photo shoots for our clients. Body prophet is a unique assessment tool from Ultimate Performance. It has been created by our world leading personal trainers, in order to get you the fastest results possible by helping us understand why you are storing fat.

From here we can put together a highly specific nutritional and supplement protocol, which is unique to your body and will accelerate results. Unlike similar tools Body Prophet has been creating using data from our own fat loss clients across the globe. We are constantly collecting and comparing the data between our trainers worldwide in order to ensure our software is up to date.

This is a 12 week plan that is designed to evolve as your own conditioning improves and will see you burning fat and stoking up your metabolism right from the very first workout. At UP Manchester we understand that dieting can be hard especially at certain times of the month when sugar cravings are at an all time high and we have developed nutritional strategies which help to alleviate these cravings.

We also have numerous supplement protocols which help to rid irritability and hot flushes. This is a form of calorie control that allows the user to reduce the amount of calories consumed to create a calorie deficit, thereby resulting in overall weight-loss. Users of this device have reported strong weight-loss according to their website 21kg in a year on average and feel it is an effective weight-loss solution.

Seeing, and no doubt smelling, the reality of partially digested food being pumped into a toilet bowl is confronting. Not the most glamorous of looks. But proponents of the device are quick to point out the perks of this surgery. In contrast to other surgical interventions the surgical aspect is minimal.

The surgery is quick.

Flipboard: The Five Principles of Radical Fat Loss

And the big draw of this device? There are no specific restrictions on what and when you can eat or drink.

No change to your diet or lifestyle. You can have your cake and eat it too as long as you pump it back out of your stomach before your body absorbs the calories. A crude example I know, but for all intents and purposes, this is the appeal of this device for many users.