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I downloaded the kb Mpeg4, which was fine for audio and picture. Thank you for making this available. I thought I would never have the opportunity to see this film and was overjoyed to find it here. Reviewer: Kodachrome - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 13, Subject: This is one of my favorite PD movies.

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An absorbing story and top notch performance from the actors, make this movie enjoyable. Although not a mystery per se, the story does contain plot elements which keep the viewer in suspense to the end.

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This one should be remade. It is much better the drivel which is common in cinema today.

The Second Woman (1950) FILM NOIR

This is a very enjoyable story of love and intrigue, with a fascinating twist at the end. A real potboiler, although the sound at some points was not quite as clear as would be desired; even so, this film is definitely worth watching, and Lansbury is quite beautiful in her role. It is easy to see this film influence Burr's casting as Perry Mason shortly afterwards and Lansbury;s darkness foreshadowed her role The Manchurian Candidate.

Raymond Burr, Lamont Johnson, Please Murder Me, 1956

Reviewer: moviedivatoo - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 5, Subject: I too liked this one! Interesting plot with Landsbury as a femme fatal and a very good one at that! Burr was also entertaining as the duped lover. You know what they say about pay back! I'm sure Burr's role here landed him the Mason spot. This is lots of fun! Reviewer: tvsgael2 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 1, Subject: Lost Angela classic No one has mentioned the cool Angela Lansbury role here, which is notable, since both this movie and Life At Stake could possibly have helped her garner her dark role in Manchurian Candidate.

Since this was before Perry Mason, it is an invalid argument to say that he's just playing Perry Mason. Besides that, he's got a libido in this film, which Perry didn't have much of.

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You can also see this movie on your Roku player Moonlight Movies. Excellent forgotten film.

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Reviewer: bestpbx - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 18, Subject: Good movie. This movie IS good. The actor's are all good in their parts. I will say though, the artist is a little young to be paired with the woman he is paired with. I thought the defense attorney's summation at the trial was unbelievable and melodramatic. And, the main plot of the story is "soap opera". But, overall it was good.

Please Murder Me - Wikidata

The movie moves along quite well and it is not over long like many of these PD films. I don't think you will be disappointed. Reviewer: katpooh9 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 4, Subject: I liked this one This was one of the better ones.

Later, Craig finds a letter Joe had addressed to him, but never got to send, stating Myra has been in love with an artist named Holt for years and Myra is using both Craig and Joe. After finding evidence of this, Craig confronts Myra and tells her he'll trick her into killing him, alleviating his guilt and so she'll go to prison the way she should have. In the end, he does trick her into killing him, more or less in the presence of the district attorney.

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The film has all the sweaty, manic guilt you'd expect of noir, as well as a few great shots. Is it good, though? No, not really. There's not much suspense in the story since you know Craig is going to die and who will do it. The journey from points A to B is decent and both Burr and Lansbury show off more acting chops than a B movie like this deserves.

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