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In addition to the smart factory, the VDE campus was a popular walk-up destination for many visitors at the Hannover Messe. Topics of the presentation included the winning projects of the INVENT a CHIP school competition, news related to standardization, testing and certification along with the e-dialistic challenge for a future worth living. Participate as well and submit your ideas and projects by August 31, In so doing, we as an independent and accredited testing and certification institute certified the safety of the product, and this certification can now be promptly used.

With the CB certificate, Elabo GmbH is now able to obtain additional national marks in other countries as well without having to repeat the tests. The certification of the insulation tester is the start of a new partnership between the VDE Institute and Elabo, a partnership that will continue in additional projects. The VDE would like to offer you the best service possible. Therefore, our website uses so-called cookies to store information about your visit. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies.

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For more detailed information on the use of cookies, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Additional impressions from the trade show. Smart factory at the VDE booth. Impressions from the Hannover Messe As many of my loyal blog readers know, I sit down to write a retrospective at the end of each year. It's helpful from the perspective of seeing how far Acquia has come in a single year, but it should also give you a glimpse of what is in store for Acquia in and beyond.

If you find it interesting to take a look back at previous retrospectives, here they are: , , , , and These posts provide a pretty detailed overview of Acquia's trajectory as a company. Since Acquia started eight years ago , we've believed that open source offers significant advantages over proprietary software because of its faster innovation, higher quality, freedom from vendor lock-in, greater security, and lower total cost of ownership. Early in our life as a company, we made a big bet that open source combined with the cloud, offered through a subscription model rather than perpetual license, would be a very compelling solution for the market.

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Few people believed us at the time, but now it is clear that our early vision is starting to pay off; perpetual software licenses are on the decline and Deutsche Bank analyst Karl Keirstead recently called cloud and open source the two leading themes in Silicon Valley. The market demand for Acquia's digital business platform continues to grow; three of the top analyst firms, IDC, Gartner and Forrester have all named digital business transformation a top strategic imperative for the C-suite in and beyond. Open source, cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things IoT , and artificial intelligence are all catalysts for the expansion of digital transformation into all corners of the organization.

Organizations are rapidly expanding the range of digital interactions with their customers and partners, moving Drupal and Acquia to the core of their business. There is a growing focus on personalization and data-driven automation, which bodes well for products like Acquia Lift. In general, I believe that the growing reliance on digital provides Drupal and Acquia with a multi-decade opportunity.

Within the last 12 months, some of the largest technology companies including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook have open-sourced key components of their business. There are many motivations for this shift. According to Apple, the company open-sourced its Swift programming language to extend it to new platforms.

Batterii Retrospective: Focus On Innovation

Google open-sourced TensorFlow , its artificial intelligence platform to make an even bigger impact outside Google, even though the company employs 2, engineers working on artificial intelligence alone. Microsoft open-sourced. NET to increase its relevance with developers and play nicely with other operating systems. In Deutsche Bank's predictions, Keirstead says "open source keeps eating the world", causing major price deflation for the traditional enterprise software industry.

Whether the motive is faster innovation or increased adoption, companies are relying less and less on proprietary software and embracing open source. His rationale: nearly every organization has one or more websites, and many aren't considered "mission-critical applications".

Therefore, most organizations feel comfortable moving some or all of their websites to the cloud. Websites are an important stepping stone for organizations to build up the knowledge and confidence to migrate their entire businesses to the cloud. A growing number of enterprises are choosing PaaS ahead of Infrastructure-as-a-Service IaaS to save time and money on building, scaling and maintaining infrastructure so they can focus on building websites.

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The migration to the cloud is only getting started. When I met with Eric Schmidt this year, he told me that he believes Google's cloud business could outpace its advertising business in five years. I don't think Google Cloud can possibly grow that fast, but directionally it's an eye-opening goal. Needless to say, it is exciting for Acquia be a "critical gateway" in such a massive movement to the cloud. As the web evolves, the idea of a "digital business" takes on an entirely new meaning. I've said this before but digital is not just about building websites anymore ; many of our customers are using digital to change the way their business operates, automate manual processes, and save millions of dollars in the process.

Digital strategies are no longer confined to the marketing department; they're quickly becoming a boardroom priority. Digital experiences are also getting more sophisticated.