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I have to give the flat for rent so that I can make my morgage payment. Repose of the departed especially GM. O Most Holy Virgin, our mother, ask Your son Jesus for everything our souls need so that your reign be established on earth. My most earnest request is that you may triumph in all souls and implant your reign on earth.

25 Encouraging Scripture Verses for those Facing Struggle | Lynn Dove's Journey Thoughts

Strengthen U. Also, please let me do well on my dive skills and my college academics. Thank you so much. I was trapped in a big amount of debt money. May the Lord Jesus Christ help me and give me the way out. I honestly don't know what the right choice is.

Please help me decide. Please restore me to good health very soon. Take my stomach pains away. Send me good news concerning my health and love life.

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Bless me with your miracles, Lord. In Jesus' Name I pray. Joy R. Pray for our family too to be strong. Please pray that this will give his family some peace so that they may begin to heal from terrible tragedy. Thank you and God bless you. Thank you so much! Heal his body, mind, and spirit completely. Thanks and God bless. He is not feeling well now. He feels like he is having a heart attack. Please pray for his better health and life.

Bless his heart, kidneys, and all body parts and his whole body. Please pray for his healthy life. Pray for my mom's health and her thyroid. Her sugar is high. Pray for her better life and better health. Pray for my husband's better health and life and his conversion to Christianity. He is very ill with liver cancer. I put my whole heart and faith in my Lord Jesus to help heal and comfort him. We are in Gainesville, FL. I know you can help! For good physical, mental, and spiritual well being for me and my family. Before to tell you what it is, I want to inform you that I asked prayer for this grace at the shrine of the Virgin Mary of the Tindari and the priest granted me those prayers along with a holy Mass for this specific intention!

Christian Therapists in San Diego, CA

And that the rector of the shrine of Fatima in Portugal a theologian granted me his intercession as well, advising me to pray "With faith" for this. The grace I asked is: I want to die very soon, in the grace of God, for his glory and the good of other people I'm serious. I ask prayers for my family and parish, as well.

Can you pray for this my intentions, please or ask to celebrate a Mass for this my requests? Christian D. I want to have another baby next year. Also we are trying to migrate to Canada next year and want God to help us in getting the right things done. Pray for him. He gets so angry and starts breaking things in the house, which makes us very scared, and he spends lots of money. Please pray he comes back to God, finds a job, and gets married. As a mum my heart cries out, but I have so much faith that my son will come back to normal. Each day is a struggle, but I pray every day and never will lose hope, because with Jesus all things are possible.

My husband has been having a affair for three years now. This woman is trying her hardest to break my marriage up.

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I love my husband and I need help and need prayers. I was gay but I want to have a normal family. Please pray that I get through these difficult unspecified times in my faith, family, and my job. Also, please pray that God gives me healing from my injuries that have gone on for over 6 months; and that I understand or find out why God does some of the things that he does. He is also trying to stop my entry there to meet her. Please pray that Shahid repents, leaves Jennifer, and returns back to his own wife; and that Jennifer and I can a live righteous God-fearing life as husband and wife together always.

Please pray to bless my new job; and that my relationship with my wife Jennifer should always be blessed with the Holy Spirit. Hoping all her dreams come true and she finds a job very soon. Love Mom. Increase their faith and works to glorify You. Help them to join a Bible study and church, to make more Christian friends, and to love the Lord, each other and others more daily. Bless and empower them with the fruit and gifts of the Spirit, and to hear Your voice.

Heal Kayleigh of smoking, back problems, and irritable bowel syndrome. I also pray that I will earn more money, and thus have some financial stability, even a new job. I would like to pray for the restoration of my marriage, that my wife and I may live in communion with Christ, in fasting and prayer, so that the Holy Spirit may guide both of us. I wish we could find a good church to both go to and make Christian friends. I pray to come out of my depression, that Jesus will heal me completely, to regain the joy of living and wisdom.

So I can pray in a better way. I pray to be less anxious and more communicative, and for the Holy Spirit to descend upon us after our repentance.

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I pray for my parents, my brothers and sisters, my close family and my friends. I pray testify to them the Word. I pray that they will find Christ and accept Him in their hearts. I pray for our future children, so that they may know the joy of the Gospel of Christ! And I pray that my wife and I will stop smoking. Finally, may the Lord assign to each of us our mission and our call! And so I pray for a balance in our home, for my wife to invest more at home than at work.

Thanks a lot! May the Lord bless you abundantly! I pray that she is never injured. I pray when it is time for her to be with you, God, that you will let us all be with her so she is not afraid.

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I pray you restore her vision completely so she can read again. Please protect her, God. Please restore her health so that she can be strong and happy. He collapsed at work and the doctor's diagnosis is that there is blockage in 2 arteries in his heart. The doctor does not know yet if he is comatose or it is just from the medications he is on. Having numbness in my left leg, a possibly new symptom.

Prayers please, thank you! I had a knee replacement and two revisions, and now my left leg is shorter than the right and I am still in pain. It will be two years in December since having the initial surgery.