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Europe in the Shadow of the Beast
  1. Throwing Shade
  2. Contains tracks
  3. Shadow of the Beast
  4. Shadow of the Beast | Zomb's Lair
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I didn't even feel good when I finally beat it. Valtrez View Profile View Posts. I had to take a break at this part.

Throwing Shade

The precision required is ridiculous. I like a good challenge, but I don't want to be worn out after a single level.

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I hate to sound negative, but if these levels had been part of the game when I played in early access, I probably wouldn't have gone to look through workshop maps because I would have believed I wasn't good enough for the online content. This is a hell of a skill jump from the original adventure mode. If it's any consolation, Shadow of the Beast is as bad as it gets in the Lost to Echoes campaign. The levels following are a cakewalk in comparison at least if you ask me. But yeah, that wall jumping part is brutal. I can usually get it now, but I still mess up fairly frequently when attempting it.

But if you think that's bad, wait until you try Inferno in Sprint. It's in the "Nightmare Fuel" category for good reason. Californ1a View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Boi Hek :. Last edited by Californ1a ; 28 Sep, am. Venomeyes' View Profile View Posts. I wanted to throw in my opinion on this track. It took me 30 minutes to complete, I lost track on how many times I had to reset that one section. I was almost going to record the footage, after the time spent trying to figure out the very specific maneuvers.

Contains tracks

I did not get the feeling of accomplishment after getting past that part. I chalked it up to luck, with a passive look on my face. I kept performing what I knew what the Dev intended us to do, until the game decided it would work. That section took me 20 seconds at most to figure out at first. The only remotely difficult thing about it is that the lateral gap of the first left-to-right transfer is so narrow that if you haven't learned to rotate as you jump not after , you impact the edge. This is a typical beginner move, as is not lining your car up properly I guarantee you were driving parallel with the road or even slightly downwards, as I've seen this many times before.

The real problem is that most of the other levels are so easy and forgiving that you can get through them without actually learning anything beyond the basics. So I guess my point is, the level isn't hard, it's you who's bad at the game, and maybe Lost to Echoes should be locked behind more achievements to avoid this difficulty shock. Last edited by omo ; 25 May am.

Shadow of the Beast

We're all very proud of you for your skill at synth car game, honey. Thank you for once again proving there is no regularly played game on steam that people won't throw up elitist gatekeeping junk about. Now for the rest of us mere mortals, yeah, it's a difficulty spike, and maybe they should have added a tooltip or something if this required a move that had never been required before. I'm not that good actually, but with hundreds of hours more experience and having played many more levels and seen what's possible in terms of difficulty, I think my opinion has as much merit as yours.

And it is just that, my opinion, and I didn't want to sugar coat it.

Shadow of the Beast | Zomb's Lair

If someone calling you bad at a game is 'elitist gate keeping junk', then you're too sensitive. I mean, how would you personally rate your skill? Be honest. Last edited by omo ; 25 May pm. Sabaithal View Profile View Posts.

Amiga 500 Longplay [037] Shadow of the Beast

That section was more like a difficulty wall that a curve. I've tried 40 times and still haven't gotten past it yet. Jumping is the only thing you can do to not die, and half the time the jumps kill you in a different way.

Today's Shadow of the Beast leans into the allure of replay incentives, including hidden areas, expanded narrative moments, and medal ranks for each encounter. Within each chapter is a set series of fights, with exploration sections serving as the connective tissue.

Combat plays out like a puzzle of space management, where you have to deal with two processions of would-be assailants--enemies pour in from both sides of the screen at once. You soon learn that you have to be simultaneously efficient, and aware of each enemy's specific weaknesses. It's difficult to cope with being attacked from two sides at once, especially when engagements can involve as many as 30 enemies. Like a poorly designed fighting game, there are ways to exploit certain fights by repeatedly using the basic attack, while there are other instances where the same foes are inexplicably invincible during particular frames of animation.

This can easily put you in a combat mindset where you hope for the best rather than go in confident that your knowledge and skills will be sufficient. The substandard controls also extend to the platforming sections, where every leap feels sluggish.

Aarbron is also gifted with wall running abilities, which is needed for the mainline paths. Even if you think you hit the climb button at the right time, you can still fail. You can lose a dozen lives and half an hour trying to navigate through a nearly pitch black area only to realize that you had to take another path first to find an illumination device. Having direct access to the original game as an unlock is a blessing, if only to revisit the preposterous and quaint enemy designs within. One of the more memorable foes spends the majority of a chapter chasing and taunting you in the background before the actual battle.

From the visuals to the strict adherence to the original game's story, this reimagining is not bereft of fan service. The well-intentioned replay incentives are nearly rendered irrelevant by pedestrian level designs and rough combat. For a remake, it's not a good sign that the best part about the modern Shadow of the Beast is revisiting the game that inspired it.

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Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Shadow of the Beast Follow. Shadow of the Beast's levels are structured around clunky combat encounters.