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  1. Chick-fil-A isn't an investment.
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This alone leaves the reader confused and not able to understand why she is out there needlessly getting her hands dirty while putting her reputation, health, future, and freedom on the line when money was not, is not, and will never be an issue for her. Mina is undoubtedly the sexiest of the bunch but definitely not the smartest.

Chick-fil-A isn't an investment.

Early on in the novel she faces a tragic life shattering scenario that leaves her shaken when she finds out that the blunt she laced with embalming fluid caused someone's death. After that it seems she wants to change the life she is living and get on the straight and narrow but that doesn't last for long. She obviously doesn't learn much from her mistakes because she is back to her old tricks in no time flat.

Addicted to money, she foolishly agrees to be a drug mule regardless of the possible consequences. I had high hopes for Mina since she is the only one with a legitimate job, a 9 to 5 at that, but she continually disappointed me. Shanna is the dumbest but the only one who doesn't lie to her best friends.

She is sleeping with just as many random men as her counterparts but Chilae is the main man sponsoring her lifestyle.

Did you get it?

When he pisses her off she ignorantly plans to sleep with his arch enemy for revenge. Her friends warn her against it but she naively dives head first into her plans and into trouble. Her actions open up a can of worms that she was in no way ready for and her before she knows it her choices come back on her and others in shocking methods she would have never expected.

This novel was interesting but I feel it had a very weak plot. Nothing seemed cohesive and the story lines went in circles and didn't add up in many instances. Towards the end the climax finally emerged and quickly disappeared. Very disappointing to say the least. It was also highly confusing when there was a secret yet somehow the other characters slyly knew about it somehow.

Occurrences like so were not always clearly explained to the reader. I also don't understand why Chilae had his own chapters when the main focus of this book was supposed to be about the get money chicks. Lastly, not only was the conclusion of this novel very open ended but there are questions from throughout the book that never got answered, and circumstances that never got followed up on.

Again, disappointing. Apr 02, Juanita added it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I have learned that many girls around the world knows what they want and need in a man thats money lolz. View 1 comment. Nov 28, Michelle rated it it was ok. Took so long to read cause it was soooo sloow. Feb 19, Lesa Divine rated it liked it Shelves: i-own , read-it. A ok read here.

Money for Nothing (song) - Wikipedia

It was a little slow in the middle but, then it started moving along at the end mainy the last 6 chapters or so of it. Shanna, Mina and Karen is women that are all to get money anyway they can. They start off by sleeping with me but, mainly getting them so high that they men go to sleep and they take they money. Well Mina was getting greedy with her money and it cause Shanna and Karen not to trust her. Shanna was involved with this drug-dealer name Chilae. But, then Karen and Mina al A ok read here. But, then Karen and Mina also sleeping with him as well. Mina started transporting drugs for Chilae.

But, soon you find out taht Chilae isn't the head leader of this drug business that he got going on. Shanna started dealing with this other drug dealer name Jarrell that is enemies with Chilae. She was supposed to get information about Jarrell for Chilae but, Shanna didn't want no part of that. The ended was blown away.

Anna J did somewhat ok with this book. It was a lot of repeating of conversary and that I didn't like. But, a ok read by Anna J View all 7 comments.

Get Money Chicks

Aug 10, Eva Leger rated it liked it Recommends it for: urban-lit readers. Shelves: b-urban-fiction.

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My first Anna J. It's not as great as Miasha and La Jill Hunt and them but maybe that's just me. I have a few more by her and hopefully I'll like them a little more. There were a few things not answered for me here, like how Mina found out that Karen was big-time involved in "Chilae's" so-called empire. The fact that Shanna was let go so normally after seeing so much of Jarell's operation struck me as strange also.

This book is full of "ghetto drama" like you can't tell from the cover?! I cannot recommend this book for pre-adolescents as there are plenty of sex scenes, cursing, and illegal activity. Sep 11, Kianna Chaplin rated it it was amazing.

I love this book because it left me anxious to know what was next. I also liked the fact that the author didn't allow me to only bond with one character, I was getting the perspectives of all characters which allowed me to walk in all of their' shoes. Mar 03, Sharaine White added it. Jan 03, Glam rated it really liked it Shelves: sold-swap. Anna J. Mar 26, Julia rated it liked it. Sep 05, Takisha rated it really liked it. Good book. Nov 25, Starlita rated it liked it. I did not like the way book ended.

The book is one of her earlier works. Donnyell rated it liked it Nov 30, Kesha rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Lisa Cooks rated it really liked it Dec 18, Yes, you can make money selling chicks. Not much though. I noticed you list Mille Fleurs a favorite of mine! Oct 19, Post 5 of I have actually made money selling chicks.

The chicks I sold were hatchery chicks, ordered only when a special offer was available, usually surprise pullets or assorted bantams. I would think that both EEs and BOs would sell. I had the best luck with EEs and good American breeds that people have actually heard of! I added tubing so I could add water without opening the lid, so you can see how a turner would help keep temp and humidity stable. If cost is an issue for the turner, I ended up using styrofoam egg cartons with the bottom cut out on dowels and tipping them 3x a day with a wire that went through the lid, which seemed to work well.

The best thermometer I found was from Ace hardware and had the wire probe. That with a glass thermometer as a backup comparison. I may buy a Brinsea later this year, but I struggle with chick addiction, and thus far, my broodies have been supplying my craving for fuzzybutts! Oct 19, Post 6 of Quote:I have had great luck with hatching chicks in my hovabator.

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Oct 20, Post 7 of Quote:Now there's an idea, following hatchery sales and selling your extras Oct 20, Post 8 of I made money selling hatchery chicks. In the spring when the weather has begun to warm, but before it gets hot folks are in the mood to get some birds. I brooded them until they no longer needed the heat brooding seems to intimidate some folks then started selling.

And they sold quick too. These were all commercial working birds such as White Leghorns and red sex-links.