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Flute Orchestral Backings & piano accompagniments
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Bach used the French overture design to open all four of his orchestral suites. A French overture, developed by Lully in the s and s, is a two-part movement which opens with a slow, dotted rhythm section leading to a faster imitative section. The slow section may or may not return to close the movement.

In this suite, the slow part does indeed return at the end. This form later developed into the rondo, so popular in the time of Mozart. Frequently, the second beat receives an accent, sometimes by virtue of the placement of a longer note value on the second beat. In this movement the flute doubles the first violin part throughout, and thus reduces this movement to a more intimate four-part texture.

This intimate texture is hardly simple, however, as Bach writes very busy lines for all four parts. Here is just a brief example:. This is typical of Bach — taking advantage of the slower tempo to write an intricate web of ornate individual lines, weaving a more complicated fabric of of music.

Finally, Bach really features the solo flute.

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Subscribe to our newsletter to get performance announcements, Choir news, and updates about recordings or Bach Choir touring. Splendid musicianship, rousing choruses, and the sublime voices of the soloists turned grief into joy and sorrow into triumph. What a thrill to hear those punchy, syncopated brass lines accompanying some really polished and vibrant singing.

There was a miraculous blend of tone and balance throughout. The effortless virtuosity and stylistic homogeneity of the combined forces in the chapel's stone sanctity, allowed Bach's music to sing out with infectious, exhilarating enthusiasm. The Bachs [J. B and C. E] could not have been better served, not to mention two English Renaissances, as well as our own time.

It went beyond mere intelligent programming and committed performance, enriched by a deep sense of the mutual nourishment of music and faith. If it has flaws, they are like those that distinguish a fine emerald from the perfect clarity of a fake The more than vocalists displayed clean tone, excellent pitch and blend, and kept good tempo even in the most stressful numbers…outstanding, energetic and crisp.

The orchestra was a collection of top freelancers from around the Eastern Seaboard including several from Washington… baritone Dashon Burton, was the standout. Contents 1 Performances 1.

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Performers Orchestre de chambre Paul Kuentz. Javascript is required for this feature. Performer Pages Carl Schuricht conductor. Performer Pages Michel Rondeau trumpet. These file s are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection. Performer Pages Christoph Lahme Harmonium. Performers Ivan Kivelidi, piano. Performers MIDI.

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Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe , Band 31 pp. Plate B. XXXI 1.

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Editor Kurt Soldan Ludwig Landshoff , continuo realization. Leipzig: C. Peters , n. Plate Orchesterwerke , Band 1. Plate BA Editor Brian Berryman. Editor Fritz Brodersen. Editor Anand Li. Editor RSB. Copyist Johann Sebastian Bach flute, viola, figures of the figured basso continuo 4 unidentified copyists.

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  8. This manuscript D B Mus. Bach St , Faszikel 1 contains complete set of parts, including two sets of basso continuo parts, one figured and the other unfigured. Pub lisher. Bach Werke. Plate J. The full score was issued in Hofmeister's Monatsbericht , p.

    Badinerie from Orchestral Suite nº 2 in B minor BWV | Neil Parsons

    Editor Kurt Soldan — Ludwig Landshoff — Peters , No. New York: E. Kalmus , n. These files are part of the Orchestra Parts Project. Editor Simon Ansell. Arranger William Meredith. Arranger Pierre Gouin - Contact. Arranger Max Reger — Arranger Gustav Martin Schmidt