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For centuries the Kabbalah has fascinated devotees of mysticism while its origins have remained obscure. Now, in her brilliant new work, Leonora Leet reveals that the Kabbalah was the product of a sophisticated, though largely forgotten, Hebraic sacred science that was the rival of any in Egypt or Greece.

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Not only does Leet reconstruct the secret teachings of the priest-scientists of the Hebrew temple, she also shows them to be the key to understanding both biblical and kabbalistic cosmology. Unlike previous purely historical explorations of the Jewish esoteric tradition, The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah resurrects this ancient body of knowledge to reveal eternal truths that can have a profound and positive impact on contemporary spirituality.

New experimental methods of practicing Hebraic sacred science are explored that explain as never before the meaning of the central cosmological diagram of the entire Western esoteric tradition—the kabbalistic Tree of Life. Leet shows that the Kabbalah and its central diagram enshrine a key to the purpose of the cosmos, a key that has vast implications for modern physics and cosmology. In a final synthesis, she envisions a culmination in which the universe and its divine child, perfected humanity, achieve that unification of the finite and infinite which has ever been the secret doctrine of the Kabbalah.

Greenaway Leanna. By following the guidelines set out in this book, you will come to understand how easy it is to master the art of reading cards. Many people struggle with the many different tarot books available today—they can be difficult for the novice to follow, and many present differing interpretations of the cards.

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This guide brings tarot into the 21st century, making the card meanings relevant and easy to understand and follow. Once you know these basics, you'll be able to easily branch out into more advanced and complex tarot books. Throughout this plain and simple book, the author discusses various card groups for interpretation, focusing mainly on the Celtic cross spread.

The 'Old One', who in folk tradition is often named 'The Devil' embodies both the 'rend in the veil' and the spanning bridge between the worlds of the material and spiritual, the revealed and the hidden. It is through union with this entity that witches and folk magicians gained access to the powers that reside within the hidden realms and the natural world, and could awaken the potent fire within. In traditional folk belief, the Devil existed also as an embodiment of the chaotic forces of nature; a belief quite distinct and separate from that of the Church with its 'Satan' figure.

To the witch, he might also represent the 'darker' aspects of the divine; the keeper and the revealer of the divine light, the psychopomp guide of souls, and the sentinel at the threshold unto the mysteries of death and the Otherworld. Something, it would seem, of the 'elder divinity' and the old 'spirit of the wild' has lingered through to the present; permeating regional faery lore, the calendar of ritualistic seasonal folk-customs, and traditions attached to ancient landscape features.

The themes of untamed, wild nature; its freedom, its spirits, its power and its magic, so repugnant and threatening to the Church, were grafted onto the diabolical; affording yet greater preservation of the Old One for those who sought to stray from the path of limitation and conformity, and tread instead the hidden ways of the witch and magician. Historical witch-lore records varied rites of initiatory contact, via which the worker of magic and witchcraft entered into a close, working relationship and union with the Old One and the spirit world.

Via such union, would the ways unto curing ailments, exorcising ill influence, the attainment of desires, and the destruction of the oppressive be known, and the old artes of the circle, the spirits, the knotted cord, the pierced candle, the witch-bottle, the magical image and the spoken, inscribed and herbal charms be mastered.

From this wellspring of inspiration 'The Devil's Dozen'; a modern 'gramarye', or 'black book' of thirteen Craft rites of the Old One has been created and is offered by a present day initiate of the 'Old Craft' Within its pages there are to be found thirteen rites - for both the 'lone' practitioner and the assembled companie - of vision, sacred compact, dedication, initiation, consecration, empowerment, protection, illumination, union, transformation and devotion.

The Devil Dozen. The author is unknown, but the treatise quotes heavily from the works of 15th-century alchemist Ali Bek al-Izniqi, nicknamed al-mu'allif al-jadid the new author , and also known as Ali Chelebi. Although alchemy is the main focus of the treatise, the work is an amalgamation of several disciplines, including cosmology, numerology, and astrology. The subject of divine alchemy has been historically associated with the theosophy of Twelver Shiism. Given the heavy focus on al-Izniqi, al-Jaldaki, and Geber, it is plausible to assume a Shiite-Persian provenance for this treatise and its unknown author.

With al-Izniqi established as a terminus post quem the earliest possible date , the composition date of the treatise must have been after the 15th century. The date of completion of this copy and the name of the scribe are not given. Shafeian Shafeian. Smith, Guy M.

Siegel — foreword, Christine M. Daems Smugglers by C.

(PDF) Bloom, Harold - Genius | Maryanne Moll -

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The Encyclopedia of Angels, 2nd Edition

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